Shout Out Louds “14th of July, Jens Lekman Remix” (by Ted Malmros)

nice little jam

“Remember, we don’t have to have a PC revolution—we skipped that. The catch-up is more interesting than anywhere else in the world.”

Africa’s Tech Edge - Dayo Olopade - The Atlantic

another athena doctrine profile making headlines.

“It’s like the way you expect somebody to know what’s happening in ‘True Detective,’ ” said David Coggins, the editorial director for the Freemans Sporting Club fashion label, who writes about European soccer for A Continuous Lean and Valet.”

Soccer, Particularly England’s Premier League, Growing in Popularity in New York Creative Circles -

true detective snark, freemans, european soccer, continuous lean, valet. any other cultural references you can pack in there, nyt?

“The really good creative people are always organized, it’s true. The difference is efficiency. If you have an agenda—a schedule—you will be better. In order to have moments of chaos and anarchy and creativity, you have to be very ordered so that when the moment arrives it doesn’t put things out of whack.”

Cliff JORDAN & John GILMORE “Let it stand” (1957) (by TheJPDM)

good one here.

“GDP, Coyle writers in her book, is a “made-up entity”—a product of the 1940s “designed for the twentieth-century economy of physical mass production, not for the modern economy of rapid innovation and intangible, increasingly digital, services.”

Serge Gainsbourg - Melody

“It is, Arthur sighed. It is indeed. I may be a little overwrought at the present moment, but I must confess that, to me, the countries of Europe are nothing more or less than a collection of mousetraps. In some of them, the cheese is of a superior quality, that is the only difference.”
— The Berlin Stories - Christopher Isherwood